BeautyLog is a skin care beauty app that keeps track of your skincare products’ purchase dates, pricing, seasonal routines and product inventory at home.

Project Details

Tools Used: Sketch, Principle

I wanted to challege my UI design skills and see what I am capable of.

Target Audience

All skincare users

The Problem

Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it personally pains me to see that we shell out so much money to the industry to take care of it, yet we aren't exactly taking care of it well enough if we aren't aware of our products' shelf-life once we bring them home.

I was born with Keratosis Pilaris (some people call it Chicken Skin) and Xerosis (medical term for extremely dry skin) so it's really important to have lotion with me at all times. Important enough to say that lotion is my life. I make sure there is a travel tube of lotion and chapstick in every bag and jacket. I have to apply lotion every single time I wash my hands. It's a must and it's annoying. It should be part of my daily hygiene routine, but sometimes I would forget to apply body lotion and I would have to suffer from the consequences a few nights later. I am aware there are worse skin conditions out there that needs more maintenance; these are only my personal struggles with skincare/beauty.

Idea / Thoughts / Braindump

My room has always been my personal drugstore consisting the vast amount of body lotions specifically for KP and dry skin, face moisturizers, hand creams, serums, coconut oil, hair treatments ...... yeah the list goes on.

We have calendars to keep track on our daily tasks. We have period trackers for women. We have NBA databases of each player's statistics. All of which contains specific data being tracked and logged. Why can't I have something to track my skincare routines, purchase dates, sends me notifications of which products to use when the season changes for a new routine and if/when a product should run out if we follow the recommended usage? Some might say, well if you forget to apply body lotion sometimes, how would you remember to log your beauty items into this app then? Isn't that an unncessary extra step?

Ah, well, the app's purpose is to help give us more of a better idea of when we can expect the products to expire and how long we should be using each product for (ie: only 3 months, vs the 12 months we've used the product for because we kept the product for so long on our shelves).

Granted that a majority of us pay with credit/debit cards now so our transactions will be posted on our bank statements 3 days later however, that still doesn't provide me what I need. It only supplies the store name, location (maybe) and your total paid for your order.

Onboarding Mockups

beautylog onboarding and login


Still a work in progress.

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