BEAT is a mobile social app that aims to provide people with the ability to find others who share similar food and music preferences.

Project Details

Tools Used: Sketch, InVision, Pen, Post-its, Google Form for interviews, Google Slides

As part of a school project, we had to swap ideas with a classmate. In return, we had to do research on the topic and bring their idea to life as a UX/UI designer. Initially, the idea was to create a dating app. however after reviewing research findings and gaining user feedback, the app turned into a platonic social app.

Some features the app would have:

  • Location Tab - Real-time location search
  • Filter - Ability to filter out personal preferences/food allergies
  • Matching - Based on Compatibility Score
  • Request/Notification - Ability to send invitations to matches

Target Audience

People who would like to enjoy a night with someone who share similar taste in music and food.

Competitive Research

beatapp competitors

User Research (Summative, n=68, remote)

One of the questions I was able to gain great insight from was: Were there any features on those apps you use(d) that frustrated you? If so, I would like to understand which parts. 35% (24 people out of 68) were able to give feedback. With their answers, I was able to list out the current pain points of the existing platforms and missing features.

beatapp user interviews

Current Pain Points

beatapp pain points

Persona: Newbie on the Go

beatapp persona scenario


Jacob has been working at Bellevue hospital in NY for almost 2 months. His coworkers were very welcoming during his first few weeks and often had lunch and dinner together. However as their schedule changes, Jacob doesn’t have lunch with the previous workers he knew.

It’s Tuesday, 1pm. Jacob just finished his routine Tuesday morning workout on Houston Street and has about 2 hours until his shift. He wants to try a new lunch spot a few blocks away before he heads in. He decides to go on the app to search for potential lunchmates around his current area.

User Flow

beatapp userflow

User Testing #1

  • 50% of users were able to complete the journey of sending a notification to a match (Jennifer)
  • 60% of users did not like the positioning of the location tab
  • User profile tab wasn’t apparent enough
  • The close button is missing, users couldn’t get back to home screen
  • Suggested to increase profile box to push content up or bring down the location tab

User Testing #2

  • 90% (9/10) of users were able to complete the journey of sending a meal request to Jennifer
  • 80% (8/10) of users understood the use purpose of the app. Preferred the Invite button way more than the app’s logo as the interaction button
  • Compatibility score being present with yellow background is well received
  • 90% of users liked the invitation screen. Suggested to have reviews and more than 3 locations to choose from next time

Final Design

beatapp userflow
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